The new Sandisk Extreme… Is it good?

[written by KopiOkaya]

Sandisk Extreme

My FinePix S5 Pro shows 318 exposures for RAF files with a 8GB card (after formatting)

You bet! For once, I can feel my FinePix S5 Pro DSLR pacing along with me when I shoot RAF. After Extreme IV, Sandisk decided to omit the Roman numbers and just labeled it ‘Extreme’.

The new Sandisk Extreme is rated ‘up to’ 60 MB/s and 400X. For me, these numbers mean nothing. Similarly, when you buy a bottle of Dettol Antiseptic Hand Lotion, and on the label it says ‘kills 99.9% of germs’. It always makes me wonder what if some unfortunate soul got infected by the o.o1% germs (that is still a lot of germs enough to make somebody sick) which Dettol could not kill? My point is, numbers are for economists, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, accountants, bankers, stock brokers, folks working at marketing departments, ToTo and 4-D punters. Don’t get sucked into believing everything the box says.

All I wanted to know, is it any faster than my Extreme III CF card. Yes… fast enough so that I don’t  miss any important moments . Upload speed is fast as well. It takes about 2 minutes to transfer 8GB worth of RAF files (approx 300+ images) from the card to my computer via a Sandisk USB 2.0 multi-card reader. Extreme III takes about 4 minutes.

Definitely worth the ‘good numbers’ of  S$99. I bought mine from MS Color.


4 responses to “The new Sandisk Extreme… Is it good?”

  1. Amberture says :

    Just out of curiosity, how about extreme pro – 90Mb/s? Is it compatible with S5? The price is also extremely expensive.

    I have checked the compatibility of CF for S5 on fuji website. THey only indicated Extreme III (up to 16 GB) and Extreme IV (Up to 8GB only). They did not mentioned Extreme/ pro.

    Hopefully the Extreme Card (40Mb/s) ‘s price would drop during Dec’s IT show. If not, I will consider buying Extreme III (16GB).

    Also, I thought the Sandisk reader can only support up to 34MB/s?!

    • kopiokaya says :

      I did not buy the new Extreme Pro because the smallest capacity available is 16GB. Actually, I was looking for an 8GB card that day, so I bought the Extreme instead. I haven’t tried the Extreme Pro with my Fujifilm S5 Pro yet, so I cannot comment. However, you are right. According to Sandisk website, Extreme Pro is NOT compatible with S5 Pro.

      Price-wise, the Extreme Pro is a lot higher too. Even if the card is compatible, I feel it isn’t worth spending the extra dollars since the S5 Pro is not a speed demon anyway.

      By the way, those using Extreme Pro will normally own a Firewire reader to utilize its speed. Such readers claim to have read and write performance of up to 40MB/sec.

  2. Alvin says :

    interesting. how does it compare with the extreme IV?

    • kopiokaya says :

      Faster… And that’s what Sandisk claimed on their website. But I did ask a few photographers and they too said the new Extreme is faster than Extreme IV.

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