We pledge to go Green…

[written and photographed by KopiOkaya]

Jacob and I went for a meeting at the green building last Thursday morning (19/11/2009). There, I noticed almost all offices and departments have this ‘Mission Statement’ plaque on every wall. This prompted me to think Fujifilm Singapore is in fact a very customer-oriented company. Nonetheless like any organization, there will be operation and service lags. There will always be employees who fail to meet the expectations of customers or clients. After all, organizations are operate by humans and, humans are imperfect.

As customers,  we must try to be understanding,  gracious and accommodating; instead of complaining every time. There are policies which all Fujifilm staff has to adhere. Also, there are limitations which their staff cannot extent; service pricing is one such example. It is impossible for Fujifilm to match the pricing of their competitors due to constrains. Therefore, if any misunderstanding or mis-communication does occur, please be very patient and verify with the respective staff calmly. Their staffing is small. Do give yourself some extra time. Don’t rush. I am sure, you will be pleasantly surprised how good their service can be.

[photo: KopiOkaya]


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