3 love-hate relationships with my FinePix S5Pro

[written & photographed by Salnts]

It has been slightly more than a year since i started using my Fujifilm S5Pro. prior to that i was using a Nikon D40x. As of today, have been shooting for 2 years. I recalled the only reason i chose the S5Pro was because it could meter with my favorite Nikon 105mm f2.5 Ai-S. That said, it has been instrumental in my photography growth and i find myself unable to let it go the past 2 attempts trying to sell her.

I do know however that one day she has to go and when that day comes i can be happy i have so many wonderful moments captured and shared with her.


1) Colors – they are amazing. its something abot fujifilm’s color scheme that makes it unique from the rest.

2) Crazy Dynamic Range – i hardly shoot in RAW but the amount of tones and details that can be pulled back from 255 is mind blowing.

3) Straight-out-of-camera or SOOC Jpegs – Straight out of camera Jpegs is an event/ wedding photographer dream.


1) RAW is WAR- Yes its not slow but hellva slow.

2) Still 6MP – you do notice the lack of resolution.

3) Fujifilm Singapore is relevantly weak as compared to the big 3s (Canon, Nikon and Sony).

Here are some photos to share with milestones in the course of my 2 years in photography.. Most of these are SOOC or with very minimum editing done.

Covered this event last night [Mode F1b]

How to cook veggies [Mode F2]
How to cook veg!!

My First Wedding [Mode F1b]

My First Competition Win- 1st prize (I won a Fujifilm compact) [Mode F2]
3 heavenly beauties

My First Exhibition @ VivoCity (Sadly I didn’t win anything) [ Mode Std ]

First Assignment [Mode color= High, Contrast= std]

Sunset outside my window [Mode color= High, Contrast= std]
26 November Sunset

[photos: Salnts]

I  have done so many No.1s with my Fujifilm and I really look forward to more. Also thanks to KopiOKaya for always being there to offer me his expertise and support.



4 responses to “3 love-hate relationships with my FinePix S5Pro”

  1. richard seah says :

    Nice sharing, Salnts. I have not used other digital cameras other than my S5, so I have not experienced how fast is “fast” on other brands. But is the S5 really that helluva slow for raw? I ever shot quick sequences of more than five shots and the Fuji did perform ok by my standards. Maybe if I shot more, or faster, I would have felt dragged down.

    I guess it depends on our points of reference. Before S5 I was using film (Nikon 801) and before that was a manual winding camera (Nikon FE) where I had to wind after every shot. In those days, to be able to afford a motor drive was WAHHHHH.

    Likewise, some of the auto-focus lenses that are considered “very slow”, eg the Nikon 80-400, seems ok to me. Because my existing AF lenses, eg the 75-300 is even slower.

    AS I write this, I think maybe I lau liao (old already, forthe benefit of non-Singaporean/non-Hokkien readers). How FAST time flies!

    • kopiokaya says :

      I remember using my Nikon F3 HP with high-speed motor drive MD-4H and NiCd battery unit MN-2. The continuous frame rates was about 11-13 frames per seconds, depending on the shutter speed. It took less than 3 seconds to complete an entire roll of 36-exposure film.

      That was WAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  2. richard seah says :

    Actually, when I said the Fuji S5 was fast enough for me, I was not even thinking of continuous shooting but rather, by repeatedly pressing the shutter button. Shows my lack of experience with continuous shooting since I never do that. But yes, at approx 1.5 frames per second, Fuji would be considered very slow.

    • kopiokaya says :

      One FinePix S5 Pro user shot F1 race cars in action during last year’s Singapore Grand Prix. If it is fast enough to shoot speeding F1cars, it is fast enough for me.

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