A BIG ‘thank you’ to all…

[written by KopiOkaya]

First of all, I will like to thank everyone for coming to our ‘O Little Town of Orchard Road’ Christmas F.U.N. outing. Compared to last year, this time was considered a success, even though some members were lost halfway.

Secondly, I wish to thank the following members (and non-members):

Jimmy and his partner (our guests) – I thank both of you for coming. Hopefully you have discovered the magic of Fujifilm FinePix cameras and consider purchasing one in the near future.

Coolsigg and partner – I am sorry that we lost your halfway through the shoot. This was my fault. I should have allocated the meet-up locations and time before the shoot, while we were still at Burger King. The crowd outside ION Orchard was insane. I hope you had a rewarding shoot on your own after that.

Andikong and Sofi – I cannot thank both of you more… Both of you are always so supportive and encouraging. You are the sole reason why people are interested to use FinePix compact camera. I confidently proclaim F.U.N. without both of you is not the same. Thanks for showing us how to use effect filters with our compact cameras. Before I forget, thank you so much for the light snacks. They definitely came at the right time and satisfied our stomachs (next round of kopi on me).

Selim – Bro… Thanks for staying with us throughout the outing. I could feel that you really enjoy the shoot. Remember to post some of your masterpieces soon.

Sgsoonhoe – Again, thanks for staying with us throughout the outing. You and Andikong had made new discoveries using our compact cameras with effect filters. Hope to see your ‘topeng standard’ masterpieces as well.

Amberture – Or should I call you Brother Newphew? You are the magnet of our group. A very ‘powderful’ magnet in fact. Bro, I cannot thank you more for guiding our guests and new members, introducing F.U.N. and get them to know us better. You are the BEST!!!

Jacob – I am sorry that your son is not feeling well. Hopefully he is feeling better now. It was so unfortunate that you had to leave us so early. You MUST definitely join us for the shoot during our next F.U.N. outing, okay?

And finally, Bluffname – Maestro, thanks for helping me recce the place 4 out of 5 times. Once again, thank you for suggesting Burger King @ ION Orchard as the meet-up place. You are truly a great maestro friend who is always there whenever and wherever I needed help.

We shall all have a ‘well-deserved’ break between now and our next F.U.N. outing; which will be a Chinese New Year outing at Chinatown next year. Do keep an eye on this blog for the announcement.

In the meantime, we will be organizing ad hoc BROmancing outing regularly. Please PM or sms either Bluffname or myself if you wish to join our next BROmancing outing.

My heartfelt appreciation to all F.U.N. members.

[photo: Andikong]


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