Hang time, bang time

[written by KopiOkaya]

You must be wondering what is this ‘Hang time, bang time’ about. It started yesterday when Salnts messaged me on my mobile phone about his father’s FinePix F200EXR. What happened was his father’s camera would hang shortly after it was turned on. It never went pass the ‘Fujifilm’ start-up screen. To restart the camera, he have to remove the battery, wait for a few minutes, reinsert the battery and turn it on. But then, it would get itself hanged again after a while. His father bought the camera from MS Color less than two months ago (in October I presume). Salnts dreaded over going back to Fujifilm Service Centre because the place is out of his way from his campus in Boon Lay (he attends NTU), and also due to the previous not-so-pleasant experience he had there. But I assured him it will be fine this time.

I contacted Mr. Christopher Goh, the Service Manager of Fujifilm Singapore immediately. From our short conversation, Mr. Goh highlighted a few interesting factors. He said before you go to Fujifilm Service Centre, bang their table and claim that brand XXX compacts are much better and more reliable than Fujifilm compacts, do a quick troubleshoot yourself. This may save you a long trip to Fujifilm Building at Upper Paya Lebar Road.

Apparently, these are some of the common causes of camera hang:

  • Third-party battery – some non-Fujifilm battery may cause your camera to seize. Always use original battery.
  • Memory card – some memory cards may also cause your camera to hang. Use memory cards from reputable flash memory makers such as Sandisk, Toshiba and Lexar (Micron Crucial) whenever possible. By the way, never use your computer to format the memory cards. This may cause your camera to hang as well.
  • Data transfer cable – Not all USB cables are made the same. Always use the cable supplied by Fujifilm. Use the wrong USB cable may cause your camera to freeze, or worse, it may damage your camera.

In Salnts’ father’s case, it was the memory card that was giving him problems. The SD card he had was an 8GB Kingston, and it was corrupted. After switching to another card, the camera works fine again. He is very happy after that.


10 responses to “Hang time, bang time”

  1. richart says :

    This is very useful information which we would never find out unless we know someone who encountered the problem before AND we get an explanation from someone like Christopher Goh who knows a lot about what possible “problems” might arise.

    And this is why it would be good to organise a session with Fuji people. It also benefits Fuji because we then realise that their cameras are better than what we might think when we encounter issues.

    BTW: Is Transcend card considered one of the “reliable brands”?

    • kopiokaya says :

      Yes, this is definitely be a good idea. However, Fujifilm wants the meeting to be at a non-public place. We will have to source around for a suitable venue.

      By the way, Transcend uses Toshiba flash memory technology so it is considered reliable.

  2. Amberture says :

    Thanks for the information. It is very useful.

    I tend to buy original accessories.

    But a good question to ponder upon: The retailer always bundle a 3rd party batteries in a package during comex, sitex etc exhibitions.

    For this Salnts’ father’s case, it is due to corrupted card, so it could be more of ” unlucky” isolated case.

    I was given a kingston 4G 133x card when I bought my S5 in AMK. Was told that it was provided as a package by FujiHQ. I requested a card with faster speed and bigger capacity from Kingston. Off course, I preferred Sandisk if possible. (I may be misled or forgetful). I was rejected. I did ask for a trade in, but was told it got not much value.

    • kopiokaya says :

      Accordingly, the bundled ‘freebies’ is usually provided half-and-half by the camera manufacturer and their dealers. The manufacturer usually provides the camera case and tripod, while the dealer may provide memory card, USB card reader and third-party battery, etc. That is why the ‘freebies’ vary from dealer to dealer.

      In MS Color’s case, one customer may be giving a Kingston card, while another customer may receive a Toshiba or Lexar memory card. When I bought my FinePix F200EXR in March this year, I was given a Toshiba 8GB SD card. When Salnts’ father bought his in October, he was given a Kingston 8GB SD card.

      However if you request nicely, MS Color does allow you to exchange one or two items from the freebies list to something useful, say, a lens cleaning kit or a memory card wallet, etc. This is what I usually do.

      • Amberture says :

        Thanks for your reply.

        1) 3rd Party Batteries

        The point I am bringing across is if 3rd party batteries is one the possible factor that create problem and Fuji HQ is encouraging original batteries, they should be more specific and include original batteries in bundle especially road show and exhibition like comex/ PC show which it represented FUJIFILM. The batteries was printed on the brochure/ flyer if I was not mistaken.

        OFf course, it will be different case if it is freebies from retailer in the market. But definitely it is a ” No No” (if I am FUJI VP) during Major Road show/ exhibition.

        Once I got a free Sony T2 camera from a promotion, I collected it at one of the retailer, I was given a special deal to get a original battery with free screen protector and a pounch at $100.

        THis should be the way to go. My 2 cent worth opinion.

        2) AMK;s case.

        The person commented it was from HQ. Off course it is different case during different promotion and by different salesman to different customer. I can understand.

        I am fine with it. I will deal with Lady F directly next time..


  3. richard seah says :

    I helped a friend buy a Nikon D5000 from shop at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Surprisingly, despite the high end location, the price was attractive and it came with Lexar card, I think 8GB or at least 4GB plus many other freebies, including camera bag etc. Owner, Indian gentleman, is nice guy.

    Actually, those Comex, Sitex and other sales do not always offer good deals, or they do so by swapping original accessories with 3rd party.

    • kopiokaya says :

      Very true… Some high-end stores actually offer better deals than conventional ones. Very good example is Huber’s Butchery. Despite the high-end locations at Upper Bukit Timah Road and Dempsey Road, their meats are not only cheaper, but fresher and better quality than those at neighborhood FairPrice outlets.

  4. kopiokaya says :

    Amberture wrote: The point I am bringing across is if 3rd party batteries is one the possible factor that create problem and Fuji HQ is encouraging original batteries, they should be more specific and include original batteries in bundle especially road show and exhibition like comex/ PC show which it represented FUJIFILM. The batteries was printed on the brochure/ flyer if I was not mistaken.

    If you look at past Fujifilm promotions, they rarely give out second battery as freebie. Normally you will be given a carry case, 1 or 2 additional memory cards, a tripod, lens cleaning kit, etc. MS Color usually subsidizes the lens cleaning kit with a second battery, which according to Lady Boss F, is more useful. I do know both Olympus and Sony offers original second battery as freebie.

    • Amberture says :

      Agreed. For such event like Comex, Fuji HQ should exercise more care as the dealer representing FUjifilm, Customer see them as FUJIFILM not Best Denki etc. HQ should discourage dealer to throw in 3rd party battery. Instead, it should work out a deal to offer the customer to buy 2nd original battery at lower price.

      • kopiokaya says :

        True… But frankly, Christopher told me their profit margin for accessories is very low. Say for example the NP-150 battery. The wholesale cost is about S$62 (before tax). Fujifilm only earns about S$5 per battery from us.

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