Photo of the Month – December 2009

[written by KopiOkaya]

[photo: Sgsoonhoe] Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR

This image from Sgsoonhoe truly deserves to be the Photo of the Month for December 2009. No doubt it is a little soft and its white balance off, but these are not important. The image not only incorporates the festivity mood, but above all, it cleverly captures the significance and essence of family togetherness and motherly-love. This is a heart-warming image which reaches deep within our hearts and bring back memories of our own mothers and families during the holiday seasons. Furthermore, it is all about the right mood and excellent timing. Soon Hoe composed and clicked his FinePix F70EXR at the exact moment, which appropriately captured the mother and child, as well as the excited and enthusiastic father (seen from the reflection of the silver orb). This image is timeless and meaningful not only to that family, but to us – the viewers, too.

Suggestions on how to improve this image:

  • Zoom or move backwards a bit to include more of the baby’s feet
  • Remove the ‘high voltage’ label
  • Make the ambient light a tad bit warmer
  • Image can do with a bit of sharpening (but not too much)

Readers are encouraged to give your suggestions on how to improve the image (please be polite and comment constructively).


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