The Mysterious Death of NP-150

[written by KopiOkaya]

Bluffname is depressed again. His 2 year-old NP-150 just died and he desperately need another back-up battery.

Bluffname’s dead NP-150 [photo: KopiOkaya]

Symptoms he encountered were:

  • The dead battery cannot be charged. The orange LED on the charger will not light up.
  • His S5 Pro will not work even when the battery is inserted and switched on.
  • Voltage across both positive and negative terminals read 1.57V and then, it dropped to 1.03V instantaneously.

Fujifilm Singapore does bring in a few pieces of NP-150 battery every few months but demand quickly outstrips supply. They fly off the shelves fast!!! Therefore, he may have to live with single battery before the next shipment arrives.

Alternatively, he may want buy a third-party battery. Many S5 Pro users in Singapore use such battery without any problem. However, Fujifilm Singapore discourages its users from buying such batteries as they may cause problems to the camera. Despite the high cost of  paying for an original battery, it does give him peace of mind.


2 responses to “The Mysterious Death of NP-150”

  1. richard says :

    Alamak! Not depressed and not again lah… as if I always depressed one!

    I dropped the battery recently and that must have caused the damage. I think of batteries like normal “Eveready” batteries, just one solid piece with nothing to break or spoil. But obviously these high-tech batteries not like that? So do handle your batteries with care.

  2. kopiokaya says :

    You sounded and looked depressed yesterday leh…

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