Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR to be discontinued soon!

[written by KopiOkaya]

It is official…

Fujifilm Japan will cease the production of the popular FinePix F200EXR soon. This camera is going to become a highly sought-after classic like the FinePix F30/F31fd with its wide dynamic range (which sets the benchmark for current compact cameras to follow), clean and noise-free, colorful and vibrant image quality.

If you are keen to buy one new, get it NOW while some stores still keep a few sets in their inventory. But stocks are running out fast! Many camera stores are already out-of-stock.

A quick check on a local photography forum, the lowest price available in Singapore is S$310 (US$223), without the usual freebies. A forumer claimed to have bought his from Alan Photo during the IT Show 2010 last week. Some stores are quoting a price range of S$369 to S$399, and it comes with one 8GB SD card, card reader, screen protector and a mini-tripod.

The replacement model will be available in third quarter of this year.


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