Photo of the Month – March 2010

[written by KopiOkaya, edited and updated by Bluffname]

[photo: Amberture] Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro

There was a debate between GGM/GUM (Bluffname), the newly-appointed Chamber Master (TheChef) and I on which photos from Amberture should be selected as the Photo of the Month – the Smiling Indian or this Yawning cat. I stood firmly on my grounds, insisting that a yawning cat is more challenging to photograph than an Indian holding a paint brush, smiling and flashing a set of almost perfect pearly-whites. Before that, it wasn’t difficult for most F.U.N. members to vote on this month’s photo. Andikong, Bluffname, Sgsoonhoe, Excelglsi and myself had decided that “Yawning” is our March Photo of the Month.

During last month’s IT Show 2010, Fujifilm Singapore launched their latest Z-series compact camera – the FinePix Z700EXR. This camera incorporating the world’s first auto Dog / Cat Detection function (you can read more about it HERE). This feature may proved to be very useful to some, but to Amberture and his trusty FinePix S5 Pro, the dynamic duo are able “detect” and capture more than just the faces of dogs or cats. They are able to nab the natural behaviors and antics of animals.

Sgsoonhoe is our all-time CSS, or Cat Shooting Specialist.He once told Bluffname and me on the bus to Esplanade that it is extremely difficult to capture a cat’s yawn with its eyes half-open. Usually, they are fully-closed, which is not as interesting.

Calling himself lucky, Amberture is able to capture this rare and intriguing moment with perfect timing. It was not just luck but also plenty of patience and persistence. Amberture had started shooting the cat from about 10 metres away and he slowly moved closer and closer, until, after taking this picture, he could even pat the cat on its head. He must have taken 50 or more shots before getting this. The lucky part was just that the cat did not run away!

Suggestion on how to improve this image:

  • Darken the light area above the subject

Readers are encouraged to give your suggestions on how to improve the image (please be polite and comment constructively).


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