Fujifilm FinePix HS-10 has arrived!

[written by KopiOkaya]

[photo: Fujifilm]

[photo: KopiOkaya]

Today, I had the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with Fujifilm’s new flagship prosumer camera – the FinePix HS-10.

My first impressions are:

  • Very responsive. Better than some of the current and previous S-series prosumer cameras.
  • This thing is FAST!!!. The 10fps  high-speed continuous shooting is definitely not marketing gimmick.
  • Images are cleaner and sharper. Even though just from viewing the 3-inch (230,000 dot resolution) LCD screen, the images look cleaner and sharper than the FinePix S200EXR at ISO 1,600. I didn’t bring along a SD card, so no sample to show.
  • Electronic Viewfinder with “Eye Sensor”. Finally, a camera smart enough to know I am looking through the viewfinder to take a picture. I don’t have to press the tiny “EVF/LCD” button.
  • Zoomzilla!!! Massive zoom range from 24mm to 720mm (35mm equivalent) is something to behold.
  • “Motion Remover”. It removes “moving people” from your picture BUT with limitations.
  • Uses 4 AA-size batteries. Can be heavy to some people when fully-loaded.

Okay… enough of “my impressions”. It’s time for you to head down to the stores and try it out yourself.

The suggested retail price is SGD$799 (about USD$580). I did a quick price check with a few of my favorite camera stores and their prices ranging from SGD$690 to SGD$670 (USD$500 to USD$480). Freebies include an 8GB SD card, screen protector and camera case.


UPDATE (2): Read our exclusive Fujifilm FinePix HS10 impressions.

UPDATE (1): Found this FUJIFILM FINEPIX HS-10 BLOG online which provides an in-depth discussion on the camera.


2 responses to “Fujifilm FinePix HS-10 has arrived!”

  1. EeJaL says :

    Bro, what about the High ISO handling?

    • kopiokaya says :

      I did a few test shots at ISO 1600 at SLS Alan Photo last Friday. The images came out clean with minimal color chroma. However, the real test is to shoot performances at Esplanade and look at the results from a computer.

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