An inspiring afternoon with Mr. David Tay

[written by KopiOkaya]

[photo: KopiOkaya]

Nearly 2 hours and over 250 images later, F.U.N. members were both spurred and impressed by the commentary from Mr. David Tay, President of Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS), on 17th April 2010 during a walkabout at the 5th Ngee Ann Photography Exhibition. Along with Mr. George Low, manager of PSS, Mr. Tay meticulously explained and drew attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each picture. Guiding our members to view the pictures differently and how they could be improved or enhanced. He presented his opinions and perspectives to members in a very light-hearted and delectable way. His words are both enlightening and stimulating to the learning minds.

During Q and A session, Mr. Tay shared his wealth of experiences with members on how he judges various photo competitions. He highlighted some of the criteria judges are looking for. How are points awarded and how the final winner is determined.  These are valuable information for our members.

According to member Yingbin1005, who was accompanied by her husband (Jeretto) and infant son, “I am just super impressed and very motivated by him. I really find most of the photos very, very good but somehow after Mr.Tay commented on it then I start to realize their differences.”

You can read about this outing at PSS website HERE.

There is an ongoing discussion about the sharing session in SgShoot forum HERE.


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