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April F.U.N. outing change of time

[written by Bluffname, edited by KopiOkaya]

Sorry to inform all F.U.N. members that there is another change of time. Our guest Mr. David Tay sends his apologies and request that we change the time to 3:00pm.

Hope all who signed up can make it with the new timing and maybe more can join in.

See you on Saturday 17th April at Teochew Building, Tank Road.


First Bromancing Macro Outing To Lower Pierce

[written and compiled by KopiOkaya, edited by Bluffname]

Lower Pierce Reservoir or, LP for short, is so close to where Bluffname and I live yet both of us hardly visit the place. With macro-enthusiasm building among F.U.N. members,  Bluffname and TheChef, led by our Macro Master Excelglsi, met,  explored and photographed the various flora and fauna there on Saturday April 10th.

Armed with compact cameras fitted with magnifying filters and home-made diffusers, they were able to capture some of the most amazing macro shots.

Here are  some of their “catch-of-the-day”.

Click images to enlarge.

[photo: Bluffname]

[photo: Bluffname]

[photo: Bluffname]

[photo: Bluffname]

[photo: Bluffname]


[photo: TheChef]

[photo: TheChef]

[photo: TheChef]

[photo: TheChef]


[photo: Excelglsi]

[photo: Excelglsi]

[photo: Excelglsi]

[photo: Excelglsi]

[photo: Excelglsi]


Fujifilm FinePix HS-10 has arrived!

[written by KopiOkaya]

[photo: Fujifilm]

[photo: KopiOkaya]

Today, I had the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with Fujifilm’s new flagship prosumer camera – the FinePix HS-10.

My first impressions are:

  • Very responsive. Better than some of the current and previous S-series prosumer cameras.
  • This thing is FAST!!!. The 10fps  high-speed continuous shooting is definitely not marketing gimmick.
  • Images are cleaner and sharper. Even though just from viewing the 3-inch (230,000 dot resolution) LCD screen, the images look cleaner and sharper than the FinePix S200EXR at ISO 1,600. I didn’t bring along a SD card, so no sample to show.
  • Electronic Viewfinder with “Eye Sensor”. Finally, a camera smart enough to know I am looking through the viewfinder to take a picture. I don’t have to press the tiny “EVF/LCD” button.
  • Zoomzilla!!! Massive zoom range from 24mm to 720mm (35mm equivalent) is something to behold.
  • “Motion Remover”. It removes “moving people” from your picture BUT with limitations.
  • Uses 4 AA-size batteries. Can be heavy to some people when fully-loaded.

Okay… enough of “my impressions”. It’s time for you to head down to the stores and try it out yourself.

The suggested retail price is SGD$799 (about USD$580). I did a quick price check with a few of my favorite camera stores and their prices ranging from SGD$690 to SGD$670 (USD$500 to USD$480). Freebies include an 8GB SD card, screen protector and camera case.


UPDATE (2): Read our exclusive Fujifilm FinePix HS10 impressions.

UPDATE (1): Found this FUJIFILM FINEPIX HS-10 BLOG online which provides an in-depth discussion on the camera.

April F.U.N. outing change of date and time, plus a very special guest…

[written by Bluffname]

Please note the following changes:

Date and Time: Saturday, 17th April 2010 3:00pm till 5:00pm. Followed by coffee / tea / snacks.

The change is to welcome a special guest MR. DAVID TAY P.C. (JP, PBM, Hon.FPSS, Hon.EFIAP, FRPS), who has agreed to be our Exhibition Guide for the outing. David is President of the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS), a post that he has held for many years. He is a very accomplished photographic artist who has won many awards and is also frequently called upon to judge many Photographic competitions. He was, for example, the chief judge in last year’s Ngee Ann Photograph of the Year contest (which I won).

In 1982, David was the first photographer to receive the Cultural Medallion, Singapore’s highest recognition for achievement in the arts. Since then, only four other photographers have been accorded similar honors – Tan Lip Seng (1985), Chua Soo Bin (1988), Foo Tee Jun (1989) and Teo Bee Yan (2004).

David and another PSS member George Low have agreed to walk us through the exhibition and comment on photos that they consider noteworthy. After that we shall adjourn for coffee / snacks at Liang Court.

So do join in this educational opportunity. I need to let David know how many people will be turning up, so kindly list your names below and PM me your contact if you are new member who has not joined our F.U.N. activities before. Non-Fujifilm Users are welcome as guests, even though this is organized as a F.U.N. activity. But for better interaction, we would like to limit the group to about 10, or maybe, maximum 15 people.

If you wish to join this outing, please email your name and contact number to FUJIFILMFUN@GMAIL.COM.

Photo of the Month – March 2010

[written by KopiOkaya, edited and updated by Bluffname]

[photo: Amberture] Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro

There was a debate between GGM/GUM (Bluffname), the newly-appointed Chamber Master (TheChef) and I on which photos from Amberture should be selected as the Photo of the Month – the Smiling Indian or this Yawning cat. I stood firmly on my grounds, insisting that a yawning cat is more challenging to photograph than an Indian holding a paint brush, smiling and flashing a set of almost perfect pearly-whites. Before that, it wasn’t difficult for most F.U.N. members to vote on this month’s photo. Andikong, Bluffname, Sgsoonhoe, Excelglsi and myself had decided that “Yawning” is our March Photo of the Month.

During last month’s IT Show 2010, Fujifilm Singapore launched their latest Z-series compact camera – the FinePix Z700EXR. This camera incorporating the world’s first auto Dog / Cat Detection function (you can read more about it HERE). This feature may proved to be very useful to some, but to Amberture and his trusty FinePix S5 Pro, the dynamic duo are able “detect” and capture more than just the faces of dogs or cats. They are able to nab the natural behaviors and antics of animals.

Sgsoonhoe is our all-time CSS, or Cat Shooting Specialist.He once told Bluffname and me on the bus to Esplanade that it is extremely difficult to capture a cat’s yawn with its eyes half-open. Usually, they are fully-closed, which is not as interesting.

Calling himself lucky, Amberture is able to capture this rare and intriguing moment with perfect timing. It was not just luck but also plenty of patience and persistence. Amberture had started shooting the cat from about 10 metres away and he slowly moved closer and closer, until, after taking this picture, he could even pat the cat on its head. He must have taken 50 or more shots before getting this. The lucky part was just that the cat did not run away!

Suggestion on how to improve this image:

  • Darken the light area above the subject

Readers are encouraged to give your suggestions on how to improve the image (please be polite and comment constructively).