Fujifilm Reinforces Organization for Digital Camera Business

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

Enhancing Product Power and Accelerated Development by Transfer of R&D, Procurement, Quality Assurance to Omiya Base

FUJIFILM Corporation has announced that it will transfer R&D, procurement and quality assurance functions for digital cameras, currently located in Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi Prefecture (“Taiwa”), to Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture (“Omiya”) where lens development is located. This transfer will take place in July 2010 to reinforce the organization of the digital camera business.
As previously announced, Fujinon Corporation (“Fujinon”), the leading company in the development and production of lenses headquartered in Omiya, will be integrated with Fujifilm as of July 1, 2010 to further strengthen the optical device business. Through these actions, the cooperative structure between the development of digital cameras and their optical lenses – a key device for digital cameras – will be reinforced, thereby enhancing the efficiency of both product planning and development.

By relocating the R&D, procurement and quality assurance divisions for digital cameras to Omiya, which is the lens development & production base, it will build an organizational structure that maximizes the lens technology accumulated by Fujinon as applied to digital cameras. It will also further strengthen coordination with sales, marketing, product planning divisions, enhance the structure to promptly and flexibly plan, develop and launch competitive products that meet customer needs, and aim for growth of the digital camera business.

In Taiwa, FUJIFILM Digital Techno Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, will continue to engage in production technology, assessment/analysis, after-sales support and other activities related to digital cameras. Production of digital camera sensors, which has partially remained in Taiwa, will continue until June 2011, but will be commissioned to a partner company after that time. Fujifilm will remain committed to developing digital camera sensors and will further develop high quality proprietary imaging technology such as the Super CCD EXR.

Fujifilm will continue to strive for growth and enhancement of the digital camera business, and contribute to the further improvement of the Quality of Life of people by providing unique products and services.


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