Photo of the Month – June 2010

[written and compiled by KopiOkaya]

[photo: Yingbin1005] Fujifilm Finepix S100FS

Appropriately, I should have titled this post “Photo of the Moon”.  After all, this month’s chosen photo is an image of a half moon by Yingbin1005. Yingbin1005  joined F.U.N. in April. Being the ONLY female member and a newcomer to photography, I must say her photography and Photoshop skills  have improved by leaps and bounds in barely 2 months. That is no mean feat for anybody!

Yingbin1005 bought her first Fujifilm camera, a FinePix F200EXR, in March after strong recommendation from Andikong (thank you Andy). Since then, the F200EXR has never left her sight. She brings it everywhere she goes, even to work! Continuously snapping photos and posting them on SgShoot Photography Forum for members to critic and comment.

After clocking more than 2,000 actuations on her F200EXR, Yingbin1005 knew it was time for her to progress to a more advanced camera. She acquired an used FinePix S100FS from fellow F.U.N. member, Second Wind, this month. Again, this “new” camera becomes her faithful side-kick and creative tool.

Now, let me share with you the “story” behind this month’s photo. It started on the eve of Vesak Day when I shot a picture of a full moon over Bright Hill Temple. Yingbin1005 saw my picture and became utterly curious. She wondered how I could achieve such clear foreground, yet a well-defined moon. I showed her the technique. It became her ultimate quest  to take moon pictures as good as, if not, better than mine. She waited patiently for the moon to appear, took a few shots with her F200EXR, but without much luck (the moon appeared too tiny). Finally, her quest came true shortly after acquiring the S100FS. She managed to capture the moon with perfect execution. The 400mm focal length, high dynamic range and low high ISO noise of the S100FS help greatly.

Both Bluffname and I have to admit that this “young aunty” is definitely a tough cookie.  Her perseverance, diligence, open-mindedness and positive attitude are fine qualities for all photographers, both male and female, to follow and learn.

Three cheers for Yingbin1005… Hip hip hooray!!!


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