Fujifilm to Launch the World’s First 3D Photo Service at Universal Studios Singapore

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

FUJIFILM Corporation has made its first overseas introduction of the “FUJIFILM 3D Print System”, which offers an instant printout of high-quality and natural 3D photographs, to the “Universal Studios Singapore” theme park that soft-opened at Sentosa Island, Singapore, on March 18, 2010. Amidst growing global interest in 3D technology following the launch of 3D television / PCs and screening of 3D movies, the latest theme park directed its attention to a commemorative 3D photo service, resulting in the system’s introduction this time.
The 3D photo service is launched today. Fujifilm plans to further expand worldwide deployment of the 3D Print System in a continued drive to offer printing services of high added value.

FUJIFILM Singapore Pte. Ltd. has entered into an official imaging partner agreement with Southeast Asia’s first integrated resort “Resorts World Sentosa” [*1], tapping into the company’s broad know-how in photography to provide a range of services including ride photos [*2] and studio photos at Universal Studios Singapore and other facilities.

The 3D photo service, made available with the introduction of the FUJIFILM 3D Print System, is offered at “The Dark Room” photo studio in Universal Studios Singapore. An image captured in the 3D mode, is combined with a template featuring Woody Woodpecker and other popular animation characters, and output as a 3D print on site. The result is a holiday photo with a natural 3D feel that captures fun moments at the theme park more realistically than ever before.

The FUJIFILM 3D Print System can easily produce high-quality and natural 3D prints from images captured with a 3D digital camera. The compact system combining a printer and computer was developed in February this year as an easy-installation system that enables 3D photo services at tourism destinations, theme parks, event venues and leisure facilities.

FUJIFILM 3D Print System

Image of a finished 3D print
[Source : Universal Studios Singapore, Woody Woodpecker and The Dark Room © & ® Universal Studios. All rights reserved.]

[*1] Resorts World Sentosa is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated resort on a 49-hectare property, featuring attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore and Marine Life Park, the world’s most largest oceanarium, as well as a variety of entertainment facilities including six hotels (with the combined guestroom capacity of 1,800 rooms) and casino. See http://www.rwsentosa.com for details.

[*2] Ride Photo is a service involving taking photographs of guests enjoying a theme park ride with a fixed camera, and selling printouts to the guests immediately after the ride.


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