F.U.N. 2011 Calendar Project with Fujifilm Singapore

[written by KopiOkaya]

Fujifilm Singapore is very keen to use pictures taken by F.U.N. members USING FINEPIX DIGITAL CAMERAS to produce their 2011 desk calendar. These pictures MUST be in landscape 4:3 proportion. There will be no cost involved, but credit will be given to the photographers; with their names printed on the desk calendars.

A mixture of photographs of SINGAPORE in various themes is preferred as Fujifilm can use them according to the 12 different months. However, members may send more than 12 for their selection.

The various themes are:

  • People
  • Arts and Culture
  • History
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Tradition and Festivals
  • Landmarks of Singapore
  • Attractions in Singapore
  • Local flora and fauna
  • Patriotism

Submit your images to me in full resolution JPEG by 19th September 2010. I accept CD, DVD, email or Yousendit.

Complimentary copies of the calendar will be given to members whose images are selected.

These calendars will be used as corporate gift to Fujifilm overseas offices and their clients, as well as, for in-house circulation.

Before submitting your photos, members must agree to the following conditions determined by FUJIFILM Singapore:-

  1. The photos provided by F.U.N to FUJIFILM Singapore are to be used solely for the purpose of printing of desk calendars for 2011.
  2. The number of desk calendars printed will be determined by FUJIFILM Singapore.
  3. Original photographs provided by F.U.N may be re-sized or cropped according to the size needed.
  4. FUJIFILM Singapore will not be responsible for any misuse of the photographs by a third party.
  5. FUJIFILM Singapore will bear no responsibility for questions of copyright and invasion of privacy that may arise in the copying and in the use of image(s), and for obtaining all necessary permissions pertaining to use.

There are a few pointers to take note so that I don’t have to search through your pictures’ EXIF one at a time –

  • Name your files as follow: “photographer’s name_place / location / subject name of your photo_running numbers.jpg”.Example: “John Doe_Singapore Merlion_001.jpg”
  • List the following information as follow: FinePix camera used, shooting mode, image size, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Dynamic Range settings on a separate Word or Notepad document.Example: “John Doe_Singapore Merlion_001.jpg: FinePix S5 Pro, Aperture Priority, CCD-RAW, f8, 1/2 seconds, ISO 800, Dynamic Range 400%”

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