YAM – Colour of the Month… Orh!*

* The word “orh” means yam (the vegetable) in Chinese Teochew language, which sounded like the exclamation “oh.”

[written by Bluffname and compiled by KopiOkaya… Orh!]

The Color Purple is (according to Wikipedia) an acclaimed 1982 epistolary novel by American author Alice Walker. It received the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award and was later adapted into a movie by Steven Spielberg, who is better known for action-packed, blockbuster movies like Jaws, E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark… Orh!

Did either the book or the movie have an influence on F.U.N. members? Orh!

Nah! Our group is “England not so powderful one” – not the literary type. We are pictures-people, not words-people. We don’t even know what is an epistolary novel and had to click more Wikipedia links to learn that it is “a novel written as a series of documents” (such as letters, diary entries, etc.)…. Orh!

Maybe it was the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) – which had purple as its official colour? Well, that’s closer to home. But FUNees are not all that sport-loving. Only Sgsoonhoe showed some interest in a few YOG events, but then, he did not jump onto the purple bandwagon… Orh!

Click image to enlarge… Orh!

YAM-coloured Youth Olympic Games (YOG) banner

[photo: Yingbin1005]

YOG Junior Men’s Road Race Finals on 22nd August 2010

[photo: Sgsoonhoe]

No. Something else was exerting a strong influence on F.U.N. members lately. And after extensive laboratory analyses, we traced its origins to our Young Aunty Master (YAM) Yingbin1005, who has made it clearly known that purple – which she proudly calls “YAM colour” – is her favorite colour… Orh!

Her picture of a YAM-coloured crowned crane, taken at the Jurong Bird Park on August 15, is memorable – possibly as memorable as her “terok telor”, the pp’ed egg cooked in soy sauce… Orh!

YAM-coloured crowned crane

[photo: Yingbin1005]

“terok telor”

[photo: Yingbin1005]

And then in September, a whole series of YAM-coloured photos made their appearances at SgShoot, the forum where F.U.N. members hang out – a YAM water lily from “BlingBling King” Andikong, plus more YAM-coloured flowers from Yingbon1005… Orh!

YAM-coloured water lily

[photo: Andikong]

More YAM-coloured flowers…

[photo: Yingbin1005]

[photo: Yingbin1005]

Bro-Ex took the purple trend to new realms with a series of YAM-coloured IR images showing a “haunted” Istana (palace) at Tyersall Road. In the end, even GGM Bluffname caught the YAM-infection with an image of a Korean lady playing the gayageum, bathed in purple light… Orh!

YAM-coloured IR Tyersall Istana

[photo: Excelglsi]

YAM-coloured Korean gayageum player

[photo: Bluffname]

Truly, YAM was the colour of the month in September… Orh!


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