Our 2011 Wishlist

[written and compiled by KopiOkaya]

In October, Fujifilm will like to seek our opinions in the development of future FinePix compact cameras. The idea sparked-off during a casual conversation with Fujifilm staff during the Star Search contestants photo shoot. Thanks to Excelglsi, Willis and TheChef, Fujifilm finds their suggestions useful and will like to get more F.U.N. members to involve. Fujifilm feels that our feedback and suggestions will truly reflect what the customers really want in their camera.

Here is a summary of our wishlist:

  • Image quality equal or at least close to that of F31fd – rich colours and low noise at high ISO. If not possible with high megapixel images, at least the option to chose lower megapixels with better image quality
  • Reasonably large sensor, eg same size as F31fd (not bigger so as to minimise development and production cost)
  • Return of Super CCD sensor – if EXR CMOS sensors not able to offer same image quality
  • 5x zoom or more (as much as possible), preferably starting at 24mm equivalent, if not then at least 28mm equivalent
  • Good battery life, at least capable of shooting 200+ images on single charge
  • Most of the latest features found in F300EXR – eg the selector wheel, faster focusing, image stabilisation, etc
  • 10mp (we want good low light performance)
  • Raw shooting
  • Convenient controls for ISO, shutter and aperture
  • Sensor: 1/1.6-inch Super CCD or Super CCD EXR, not CMOS please
  • Sensor resolution: 8.0 or 10.0 million pixels is more than good enough
  • File format: Still: JPEG (Exif v2.3), CCD-RAW (Fujifilm RAF or Adobe DNG), Movie: AVI Sound: WAVE format, stereo sound
  • Lens: Fujinon 5x zoom lens. Equivalent to 24 – 120 mm in a 35mm camera. At 24mm, it is wide enough to coverage most large group and landscape images. At 120mm, it is long enough for general street photography
  • Aperture: Wide F2.8 / F5.6 Telephoto: F4 / F5.6 with series of F numbers run as follows: F2.8, F3.2, F3.6, F4, F4.5, F5, F5.6. As long as the high ISO is clean, we don’t really need a F2 lens (which I feel is a clever marketing hype)
  • Shutter speed: 15 seconds – 1/1500 seconds, variable by setting. 15 seconds exposure is great for fireworks
  • Image stabilizer: An improved and even better I.S. than F300EXR
  • Shooting modes: Remain the same as all current FinePix cameras with the exception of a manual mode that allows the photographer to select both aperture and shutter speed at the same time
  • Sensitivity: Auto / Auto (3200) / Auto (1600) / Auto (800) / Auto (400), Equivalent to ISO 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400. Low chroma noise even at ISO 3200
  • LCD Monitor: Not bigger than 3-inch wide. TFT Color (100% coverage). Bigger screen = higher battery consumption
  • Battery: High capacity, long life to approximately 500 shots. If off-the-shelf, I prefer to use NP-95 Li-ion battery
  • Histograph during image playback
  • Super macro up to 1 cm
  • Exterior: Magnesium-alloy
  • Expected price: Not more than US$500

4 responses to “Our 2011 Wishlist”

  1. David Lavinas says :


    I want to suggestion that a new version of firmware to HS10 could be offer to all customers. The problems that need repair are:

    1 – In mode M if I put ISO 100 the time of exposion can be 30 sec. But, if I put ISO 800 the time can be 4 sec. Why?

    2 – I put two minutes in the “AUTO POWER OFF” I need put the botton in OFF and after in ON to restart the camera, when the camera turns off . It isn’t practical. In my other camera – FZ30 – I only press one botton and the camera restart.

    Best regards,


    • KopiOkaya says :

      Hi David,

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. This is not possible due to the design of the BSI CMOS sensor. Long exposure at high ISO setting may damage the sensor.

      2. This is a built-in feature and is non-amendable by firmware upgrade. The new HS20 has addressed this issue.

  2. Muramatsu says :


    David has sugest me this whitlist and I need a help to solve a problem with my photos.
    In RAW (RAF) format my pictures are left with a kind of grain, I tried various settings and the problem persists, other users of the forum which I do part with David also mentioned the same problem.
    What can I do to solve or minimize this problem.

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