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F.U.N. on Facebook

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We finally on Facebook!

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Fujifilm kick starts “Photo Rescue Project”

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

FUJIFILM Corporation  has announced the launch of the “Photo Rescue Project”, which extends assistance for efforts to clean photo prints and photo albums damaged with seawater or mud in the recent Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

In many parts of quake-affected regions, volunteers are searching for photo prints and albums washed away in the tsunami, and trying to recover them from seawater and mud damage.
In a bid to assist such efforts, Fujifilm has tapped into photographic knowledge it has accumulated over the years, and posted information to its cooperate Japanese website in late March on how to treat photo prints that have suffered water damage. In order to provide more effective and easy-to-understand information, it has conducted tests reproducing conditions in affected areas with seawater and mud, and updated the online information as fresh knowledge came to light. Staff has been sent to volunteers who actually engage in photo salvage and cleaning, so as to examine the actual conditions of recovered photographs and identify tools and consumables required for the photo cleanup operation.

Now, Fujifilm has launched the “Photo Rescue Project”, which will be carried out by:

  • Mainly 30 of members who will contribute in technical assistance in the field by rotation
  • More than 100 of employees who will work cooperatively as weekend volunteers.

This project provides the following types of assistance:

1.  Technical assistance

Providing information on appropriate ways of cleaning photo prints according to their conditions

  • Organize photo cleaning procedures and share the know-how through Internet, print media and TV / radio broadcasting in affected areas (on air from April 23).
  • Provide know-how and advice on photo cleaning in affected areas in response to assistance requests from local governments and volunteer groups that are trying to salvage disaster-damaged photographs collected at evacuation centers.

2.  Material assistance

Providing tools and consumables required for photo cleaning to volunteer groups, local governments and evacuation centers that engage in photo salvage operations.

These support activities are conducted in partnership with local people, volunteer groups in affected areas, photo shops / photo studios and various photography-related organizations.

As a leading company in the imaging field, Fujifilm has been involved in the photographic business for many years, contributing to the development of the Culture of Photography. With renewed recognition in the value and importance of photography in today’s society, the company will engage in the support activities to help save as many photographs and associated memories as possible.

A F.U.N. welcome to all FinePix users from Clubsnap

[written by KopoiOkaya]

After almost 3 long years, Fujifilm F.U.N. is finally able to extend our hands and reach out to FinePix users in Singapore’s largest online photography forum, Clubsnap.


This we must thank Excelglsi for his help and effort. More importantly, he is able to convince the forum moderators to allow us make our presence there.

A warm welcome to F.U.N.!!!

FinePix X100 Training on 27th April 2011

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

The FinePix X100 training will be held on Wednesday, 27th April 2011 at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 311 and 312, at 2:00pm.

Event Program

  • 2:00pm : Registration
  • 2:30pm : Training starts (guest speaker is the FinePix X100 chief engineer from Fujifilm Japan)
  • 3:30pm : Photowalk with FinePix X100 (outdoor shooting session)
  • 5:00pm : Refreshments
  • 5:30pm : Q&A
  • 6:00pm : End

Fujifilm Singapore has reserved 5 vacancies for F.U.N. members. Those who are interested, please email your mobile number to
Participants are required to wear F.U.N. polo shirt throughout the training (your shirt, real name and hp number are your entry pass).

Announcing “The Definite Eye-candy” – FinePix Z900EXR

[complied by KopiOkaya]

Fujifilm Corporation is pleased to announce the glamorous new FinePix Z900EXR digital camera. With its effortless good looks, feature-packed specification and brilliant picture-taking performance, it’s set to become the must-have camera for Fashionistas this season.

Stepping into the shoes of the Z800EXR, the new FinePix Z900EXR comes in an eye-catching high gloss finish and offers a wide selection of Fujifilm’s latest technologies to help deliver great images in all conditions. Specification highlights include a brand new EXR BSI-CMOS sensor, 5x wide-angle zoom lens, touch-screen LCD with improved user interface, a selection of high speed shooting modes and high quality video capture all packed into a slim body that’ll fit neatly into a bag or pocket. Meaning style-conscious photographers no longer have to compromise looks for picture quality.

Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR key features:

  • 16 megapixel EXR BSI-CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom covering 28-140mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 3.5 inch wide touch-screen LCD with Multi Touch functionality and Rich User Interface using Vector fonts / graphics and Flash animation
  • CMOS CCD Shift Image Stabilization
  • Up to ISO 6400
  • 1600% wide dynamic range
  • High speed shooting at up to 12 frames per second
  • Full HD movie capture using H.264 (MOV) format & mini HDMI port
  • New EXR Auto mode featuring 27 scenes
  • 360° Panorama mode

Read more about the camera HERE.

[photos: Fujifilm]