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Service for the Masses

[written by KopiOkaya]

Fujifilm Singapore is proud to sponsor the SATA (Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association) CommHealth Mobile Clinic, bringing affordable health-screening nearer to the local community.

[photos: KopiOkaya]


How to clean and restore damaged photos and albums

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

Fujifilm has some  useful tips to offer HERE.

A day with an upgraded FinePix X100

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

Last week, I was able to loan the FinePix X100 from Fujifilm once again. This time was for the billboard shoot for Song Brothers (an electronics retailer in Singapore).¬† I took this opportunity to upgrade and test the latest version 1.10 firmware. This much awaited major firmware update is a major overhaul to the operation of the camera. Kudos to Fujifilm for carefully listening to end-users and reviewers’ feedback, and their prompted response to make the X100 an even better camera.

The most noticeable improvements are:

  • Better image playback. Not only can one still very quickly zoom in with a single button press, but also switch between info screens, to a blank “image only” view, also zoom in from the histogram/full-info view, switch to previous and next images in almost every possible mode and finally, the current mode you are in now stays for good, until you go and change it yourself
  • All the annoying “auto” mode changes, ISO changes, switching between P/A/S/M modes, turning the power off, initiating playback are gone for good.
  • The new “Corrected AF Frame” menu offers some very useful feedback when using the OVF with respect to where the focus point actually is in relation to a closer subject, when focus is at anything less than infinity.

The X100 has come a long way from a superb camera that was somewhat hampered by a wayward firmware, to a truly exceptional and practical photographic tool. Good job, Fujifilm!