Fujifilm establishes digital camera business subsidiaries in South Korea and Indonesia

[compiled by KopiOkaya]

FUJIFILM Corporation will start business operations at new subsidiaries established in South Korea and Indonesia in a drive to accelerate the expansion of the digital camera business in Asia.

Fujifilm has a broad lineup in the digital camera business, from entry-class to high-grade compact types, and it has been reinforcing the sales of digital cameras by building a direct selling system in areas where there are expectations for extending such business. The establishment of a subsidiary in Dubai last October and in Ukraine this October has enabled Fujifilm to facilitate the expansion of the digital camera business.

High-quality service will be provided from subsidiaries set up this time in South Korea and Indonesia, where high potential demand for digital cameras is expected due to the large populations and economic expansion.

Our new subsidiaries will facilitate direct and swift development of digital camera sales strategies. This will be accomplished by strengthening marketing functions in response to the requirements of the markets of each country, making efforts for the expansion of sales routes and for advertising activities, and by utilizing a system that promptly reacts to specific customer needs and changes in the market.

Distributors that had been selling digital cameras thus far in each country will continue to offer their imaging business services including sales of film, instant camera and print services.

By establishing new subsidiaries in South Korea and Indonesia, Fujifilm will promote the growth of the digital camera business in the global market, and contribute to the development of respective industries in the region.


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