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FinePix X100 sticky aperture blades issue

[original post written and photos by Madmacs, compiled and edited by KopiOkaya]

Few weeks ago, F.U.N. member Madmacs highlighted the infamous FinePix X100 sticky aperture blades issue on SgShoot photo forum. At the same time, there were several discussions on dpreview forums HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

This was what happened to Madmacs.


I bought the x100 and used it on my vacation recently. This was the first time I was using only one camera and one focal length throughout the whole trip.

The x100 performed very well for more than a week until the sticky aperture blades problem hit. I started getting very overexposed photos at f/4 and got worse as I stopped down the aperture. As a result, I was restricted to using only f/2 and f/2.8 for the last leg of the trip. I can see the aperture blades stop down when I half-press the shutter release but it looks like the blades do not stop down when it takes the photo.

I took some test shots when I got home. Here you can see the exposure combinations from f/2 to f/16 and how it gets progressively brighter towards f/16.

[images: Madmacs]


I haveĀ  brought the issue to Eng Kiat and Christopher of Fujifilm Service Centre in Singapore. They have not get back to me yet. Will keep everybody updated.