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Firmware upgrade version 2.00 adding the Advanced Filter and the Q (Quick) Menu function to the FUJIFILM X10

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Fujifilm is proud to announce the release of a new firmware update for the FUJIFILM X10, premium compact digital camera. Fujifilm will release the new firmware in response to a large number of requests from the camera’s existing users. Fujifilm has listened carefully to this feedback since its launch in autumn 2011. The update will add two new functions, i.e. “Advanced Filter” and “Q (Quick) Menu” function.

Description of new features

1. Advanced Filter

The update will add the “Advanced Filter” function to the camera’s Adv. (Advanced) Mode to enable the user to create unique photographic effects. Choosing from six special filters in 11 patterns, users can check the effect of individual filters on the LCD monitor whilst taking shots.

  • “POP color” this filter boosts contrast and saturation for a colorful finish
  • “Toy camera” this filter adds a vignette effect for a retro look
  • “Miniature” the top and bottom of the image is blurred to simulate a diorama look
  • “High-key” brightness is increased and contrast is reduced to create a gentle atmosphere
  • “Partial color” this filter creates a monochrome image while retaining just one color out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
  • “Dynamic tone” applies dynamic gradation for a fantasy effect
2. Q (Quick) Menu function

The update will also introduce the “Q (Quick) Menu”, a popular feature found in the premium interchangeable lens camera the FUJIFILM X-Pro1. Updating the firmware will assign a Quick menu function to the “RAW” button on the back of the camera body. As a result pressing the ‘RAW’ button will launch the Q Menu so users can directly access frequently-used shooting settings. This function gives a list view of the most popular photography settings required during a photo shoot, including ISO, White Balance and Film Simulation.

To change any of the settings, use the Selector button at the back to select the applicable item, and then use the Sub-Command Dial or Main-Command Dial to change it to the desired setting.

Launch date of the dedicated firmware: 5th October 2012

The firmware will be available “Support” on the Fujifilm website. Please go to the support website below.

Fujifilm global website:


Procedure of the firmware update of FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and XF Lens

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It is necessary to update the firmware Version 2.00 of X-Pro1 body and XF lens at the same time.

The Latest FUJIFILM X-Pro1 Firmware Version: 2.0
The Latest FUJINON XF-Lens Firmware Version: 2.0

First, please update the firmware of X-Pro1 body.

Procedure of the firmware update of FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and XF Lens

Step 1. Download the firmware of X-Pro1 body.

Step 2. Update the firmware of X-Pro1 body.

  • * Please keep in mind that each XF lens has each firmware respectively.

Step 3. Download the firmware of the XF lens.

Step 4. Update the firmware of the XF lens.

* If you have more than one XF lens, you need to exchange your XF lens when updating the firmware of the XF lens.

Fujifilm launches XF1 – a trendsetter in stylish body

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Fujifilm announces new member to the X-series family – X-E1

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