Becoming a F.U.N. Member

A warm welcome to those visit us first time. If you own a Fujiflim digital camera, congratulations on your excellent purchase. We would like to invite you to join Fujifilm FinePix Users Network (F.U.N.) as a member.

F.U.N. is an informal network of photography enthusiasts and friends who appreciate the image quality of Fujifilm products (including film and digital cameras). We are independent of Fujifilm, although we may collaborate with them on special projects.

Membership is FREE. In fact, there is no official membership as this is an informal network. Just join us for our group discussions at SGSHOOT PHOTOGRAPHY FORUM or at our Facebook page WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/FUJIFILMFUN. And feel free to ask if you have questions about your camera, or about photography. Many of our members are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful.

In order for us to know you better and perhaps plan some activities for you, kindly email us:

  • Your name
  • Contact number
  • Fujifilm camera model


Have F.U.N.!


3 responses to “Becoming a F.U.N. Member”

  1. Alex Tan says :

    I have the fujifilm s5pro which I love! Looking forward to meeting like minded people and honing my skills 🙂

  2. thomas wong says :

    hi everyone , i recently join the bandwagon with the finepix x-100 , and hope the learn from bro & sis here .

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